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2020 Penfold Quiz
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Our History

The first Penfold Quiz was held in June 1996 and the final one in March 2020. We have raised nearly £100,000 from these as well as other fundraising events. While we always make a donation to Ward D10 and Haematology Department, Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, where 'Penfold' was treated, we also supported many other local good causes.

In 1999, Dame Norma Major accepted our invitation to become Patron of the Penfold Quiz and we are extremely pleased to have a person of such credibility and status in the community helping us with our charity work. Over the intervening years, The Penfold Quiz evolved into The Penfold Trust and Dame Norma again agreed to continue her support as Patron. The Penfold Trust became a registered charity in June 2006. As Phil was a quiz lover, our fundraising activities have always included an annual quiz in memory of him.
Philip (Penfold) Hamilton

Philip was born on the 14th of February 1967 and attended the St. Ivo School, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire. On leaving school he went on to work locally in St. Ives. Philip became a regular at the St. Ivo Outdoor Complex which at the time had two dart teams, and a cricket team. Philip played for one of the dart teams and won the club doubles in 1990. He was also the scorer for the cricket team.

He was given the nickname of Penfold after the cartoon character, by one of the locals at 'the Ivo' and this stayed with him for the rest of his life. As part of the darts team, he also went clay pigeon shooting, but he really enjoyed a pub quiz. As part of the darts team, he entered all local quizzes and won the carnival quiz in 1990.

Philip suffered from haemophilia all his life and it was a great loss to us all at 'the Ivo' when he died in Ward D10, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge, on the 9th December 1995.

In 1996 his group of friends decided to hold a charitable fundraising quiz in his memory at the Burgess Hall in St. Ives. We never expected it to run for as long as it has, and this is due to the superb support that we have received from many individuals and organisations over the intervening years.
David (Hammy) Hamilton

David was born at RAF Hospital Ely on 28 August 1965. He lived in St. Ives and went to the St. Ivo school. When he left school, his first job was at Woolworth's in St. Ives as a trainee manager.

He then went to Beamglow in St. Ives, where he took an active part in running the trade union. Like brother Philip (Penfold), he was a member of the Ivo dart club, who were then playing at the St. Ives Outdoor Complex, David joined in all dart club activities - football, cricket and clay pigeon shooting as well as the darts. He also worked behind the bar at the Outdoor Complex. At one time he also ran the St Ives and District Darts League. His great passion was Chelsea Football Club where he was a season ticket holder for many years.

On the 12 April 2011, David passed away suddenly at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. This was a tragic loss to his mum Pat, daughter Amelia, all family and friends.
The Penfold Trust is a UK Registered Charity.
Charity Registration Number: 1 11 4854
The Penfold Trust is a UK registered charity. Charity registration number: 1114854
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