The Penfold Trust

Nearly £100,00 to Charity
2020 Penfold Quiz
Winners - Death by Monkeys
2nd - Aardley Awake
3rd - Can We Phone a Friend
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A fundraising charity in memory of Philip (Penfold) Hamilton

As Phil was a quiz lover, our fundraising activities have always included an annual quiz in tribute of him. The first Penfold Quiz was held in June 1996 and the final one in March 2020. We raised nearly £100,000 from these as well as other fundraising events. While we always make a donation to Ward D10 and Haematology Department, Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, where 'Penfold' was treated, over the years we also supported many other local good causes.


In 1999, Dame Norma Major accepted our invitation to become Patron of the Penfold Quiz and we are extremely pleased to have a person of such credibility and status in the community helping us with our charity work. Over the intervening years, The Penfold Quiz evolved into The Penfold Trust and Dame Norma again agreed to continue her support as Patron. The Penfold Trust became a registered charity in June 2006.

The final Penfold Quiz was held on the 13th March 2020 and was won by Death by Monkeys on a tie break with Aardley Awake. Can We Phone a Friend came third, and we raised at total of £2,043.30. We will be presenting £1,724 to Ward D10 Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and the MAGPAS air ambulance when the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The journey we have had with the Penfold Quiz has been a great and very enjoyable experience. We lost two of our friends at a very young age and it was such a shock. The idea of a quiz was to remember them and at the same time raise money for charity. We think we have done that. We originally set out to have just the one quiz, but as it was such a success, we kept carrying on. As some of the committee have now moved away, and with the costs of the Burgess Hall, printing and the difficulty getting raffle prizes, coupled with a downfall in numbers over the last few years, we thought that after 25 years, the 2020 quiz would be the right time to call it a day.

The 2019 Penfold Quiz was held on the 15th March and was won by Wasted Nuns on a tiebreak with Lemon Drop Kids. Nil Points came third. We raised £1,785.00 during the evening and will donate £500 to Ward D10 Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and a further £1,000.00 to Carla Delft for essential modifications to her sons wheelchair and also help provide a sensory room.

The 2018 Penfold Quiz was held on the 16th March and was won by No Parking on a tiebreak question with Lemon Drop Kids. We raised £1,860.00 during the evening and again donated £1,000 to Ward D10 Addenbrookes hospital Cambridge and also £1,000.00 to the Macmillan Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Thank you to everyone for your support.

The 2017 Penfold Quiz was held on the 17th March and was won by Quizard on a tiebreak question with No Parking. Thanks to everyone's support we raised £2,085 and were able to donate £1,000 to Ward D10, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge and another £1,000 to the MAGPAS Air Ambulance, Cambridgeshire.

Previously our fundraising events have included:

  • The Penfold Quiz
  • Hammy's Race Night, which was established in 2012 in memory of Penfold's brother David 'Hammy' Hamilton
  • Disco fever, a dance held in October at the Burgess Hall

Over the years, The Penfold Trust has been supported by many people and organisations including:

  • St Ives Town FC. During 2008, St Ives Town Football Club chose the Penfold Trust for their shirt logo as a way of helping promote the charity
  • TJ Wines. A wine tasting evening was held in November 2012 at Slepe Hall, St. Ives. During the evening £715 was raised for the Penfold Trust. To date, Stephen and Tracy Wadsworth have donated £1380 to the Penfold Trust
  • Webtec. In 2007, Webtec kindly donated £200 to the Penfold Trust
  • Waitrose. We received a donation of £270 from Waitrose in 2009, through their green token scheme

The Penfold Trust is a UK Registered Charity.
Charity Registration Number: 1 11 4854
The Penfold Trust is a UK registered charity. Charity registration number: 1114854
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