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Nearly £100,00 to Charity
2020 Penfold Quiz
Winners - Death by Monkeys
2nd - Aardley Awake
3rd - Can We Phone a Friend
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The Penfold Trust
Charity No: 1 11 4854

Dame Norma Major, DBE


The Penfold Trust is an organisation run entirely by volunteers. All of the money raised benefits local good causes, which may be individuals, families or organisations that are able to demonstrate the need for assistance. The Trustees are responsible for deciding where the funds are to be allocated.

The following people are responsible under the charity's governing document with the control, management and administration of The Penfold Trust.

Dave Misseldine (Chairman & Treasurer)
Amy Ludman
Douglas Ludman
Sarah Warboys
Jon Warboys
Helen Jakes
Jes Scott
Oliver Scott
Paul Fielding-Fox
Linda Beard (Secretary)
The Penfold Trust is a UK Registered Charity.
Charity Registration Number: 1 11 4854
The Penfold Trust is a UK registered charity. Charity registration number: 1114854
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